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Anatomical knowledge platform

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Professional presentations of anatomical topics. During the lecture, I refer to the figures, because I believe that we need see as much as we can for effective memorization. Simple and clear.

For whom?

Are you a student of a field of medicine? Do you want to learn Anatomy starting from the basics? Or maybe you have never had anything to do with biological sciences, but a passion to know the strucures of human body appeared in you? Or time of learning Anatomy is behind you, but you want to remind the individual components of our body?

If you answer “YES” to any of the above questions, then you are in the right place! School of Anatomy is just for you! This is a place, where you can learn this subject in such a professional and modern way!

Why it's worth it?

Courses on the platform


I am a demon for work!

I'm still working on developing my platform. Recording lectures is quite time-consuming, but thanks to the positive signals from your side I do not lose the motivation to create them. Remember that you can also influence the order in which I record lectures! Below is the current full content of the School of Anatomy.


My name is Maciej Haberka. I started my adventure with Anatomy in the first year of medical studies. During this time, I could compare the study of this subject to learning about the streets on the city map and orientating myself in space. I loved doing it, so learning Anatomy was also a pleasure for me. It resulted in the start in the competition of anatomical knowledge  “Golden Scapula” in 2013, where I took second place in the team classification. During further years of study, I realized that knowledge can be given in a different way. More accessible and clear. Therefore, during the 4th year I started to give lessons from Anatomy, and in 2019 I founded the platform, which I constantly develop. Currently I am a doctor and I teach the Human Anatomy. This is my mission.


- System of work with figures, which making it easier to remember the huge amount of information,
- Deductive learning - searching for associations and connections - suddenly it turns out that anatomy is not so much a "memory" science,
- Introducing clinical issues, that they connect with the information from anatomy,
- After a lesson I felt that I have a good basis and I know the topic very well,
I do not see any disadvantages of working with Maciek. It was a good time. I recommend him.
Agnieszka Paprocka
Medical student
Great school, knowledge about Anatomy is given in a simple and clear way !!! I am sure that it will help every student in passing exams, and what's more ... go from the "I have to" stage, to "WANT" to know EVERYTHING about the human body.
Marta Matusiak

Demo version

Before you decide to join the School of Anatomy, you can see how the platform in the demo version looks like. There you will find several selected video lectures that are classified into appropriate lessons and topics.

I also invite you to subscribe my YouTube channel. I share introductions of the latest video lectures and some of their in full versions.

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