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Terms & Conditions of online store School of Anatomy



The sale of electronic products through the website school-of-anatomy.com is carried out by Maciej Haberka, running a business under the name School of Anatomy – Maciej Haberka with its registered office in Cracow (30-012), ul. Poznańska 10/47, entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, using NIP number 6772438194.

Contact with the seller is possible at the e-mail address : maciekhaberka@gmail.com.

Update: 19.11.2018

  1. Definitions
  • Working day – one day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • Order form – Electronic Service, an interactive form available in the Online Store that allows you to place an Order.
  • Customer – means a natural person, a legal person and an organizational unit that is not a legal person to whom the act grants legal capacity and which has concluded or intends to conclude a sales agreement with the Seller.
  • Buyer – a natural person making purchases in the Store in the field not directly related to its business or professional activity.
  • User account – Electronic Service, marked with an individual name (login) and password provided by the Customer. The user account is a set of resources in the Service Provider’s IT system, in which the data are provided by the Service Recipient and information about its Orders placed in the Online Store are collected.
  • Product – a service available in the Online Shop, temporary access to the Platform via the account being the subject of the Sales Agreement between the Customer and the Seller.
  • Terms and Conditions – these terms and conditions of purchasing the Online Store School of Anatomy – Maciej Haberka
  • Platform – an anatomical knowledge platform, located at https://school-of-anatomy.com, where there are digital content, access to which is possible after placing an order and receiving a user account
  • Online Store – Seller’s shop available at the Internet address: https://school-of-anatomy.com
  • Seller, Service Provider – owner of the Platform School of Anatomy, which is referred to in the introduction to these Regulations.
  • The means of remote communication – any mean that without the simultaneous physical presence of the Service Provider and the Service User can be used to contact the parties to the contract, e.g. phone, video chat, email.
  • Digital content – means lectures, quizzes and any other content available on the platform
  • Sales contract – a sales contract concluded between the Customer and the Seller via the Online Store.
  • Electronic service – a service provided electronically by the Service Provider to the Customer via the Online Store.
  • Service – an order service provided by the Service Provider to the Customer, which is the subject of the Sales Agreement, provided by means of remote communication or personally by the Service Provider. Services, the deadline of which is spread over more than one working day, are treated as one integral Service, with the date of commencement of implementation falling on the first day of service provision.
  • Service Recipient – means a natural person, a legal person and an organizational unit that is not a legal person to whom the Act grants legal capacity and which uses or intends to use electronic services or services provided by the Service Provider. The Service Recipient may indicate in the order form a third person for whom the service is to be provided, hereinafter referred to as the Beneficiary.
  • Order – Customer’s declaration of intent submitted via the Order Form confirming the conclusion of the Service Sales Agreement with the Seller.
  1. Introductory provisions:
  • The store is used to learn human anatomy through access and use of Digital Content contained on the Platform
  • The Terms & Conditions describe the rules of using the Platform and the Privacy Policy of the website school-of-anatomy.com, it is an integral part of the sales contract concluded between the Buyer and the Seller.
  • For the proper usage of the Platform it is necessary to have access to the Internet. Digital content can be read on your smartphone, tablet and computer.
  • Contracts in the store are concluded in English.
  • All product prices quoted are gross prices.
  1. Order:
  • In order to place an order, the Buyer must take the following steps:
    • Click “Sign up” under the appropriately selected Product
    • Enter your details (email address and first name) to create a User Account
    • Click “Order”
    • Make a payment through the online payment system
  • At the time the payment is made, the Sales Agreement is concluded between the Buyer and the Seller.
  1. Delivery forms, payment methods and order processing:
  • The entity executing the payment is Krajowy Integrator Płatności Spółka Akcyjna Tpay.pl with its registered office in Poznań (61-808), St. Marcin Street 73/6 with the NIP number: 7773061579
  • The buyer has the option of choosing the payment method in accordance with the Tpay.pl website offer.
  • The product is delivered to the Buyer electronically. He receives e-mails with information about login data, verification of his account and confirmation of Product purchase.
  • The product is delivered to the Buyer immediately after payment.
  • The product is available to the Buyer for a period of 30 days from the date of payment (Basic Account and Premium Account). While buying Lifetime Account the product is available to the Buyer in perpetuity.
  • The Customer may contact the Seller via e-mail, telephone or other electronic communication means in order to obtain information on the proper functioning of the purchased Product.
  1.  Withdrawal from the contract:
  • The Customer who has concluded a Sales Agreement with the Seller has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 5 days from the date of making the payment for gaining access to the Platform.
  • The customer may withdraw from the contract via the form found at this link
  • The effect of withdrawal from the contract is a refund for the purchased Product within 14 days from submitting the form and cancellation of access to the Platform.
  1. Complaints about digital content:
  • The Seller is obliged to provide the Buyer with a product free from defects.
  • The Seller is responsible to the Buyer if the sold product has a physical or legal defect (warranty for defects).
  • The complaint can be included in the following cases:
    • The product does not work properly, despite the technical requirements of the Buyer.
    • The product contains substantive errors on the current knowledge of human anatomy found by the Buyer.
  • The complaint may be submitted via e-mail to the following address: maciekhaberka@gmail.com or through the complaint form.
  • The Seller will address the Customer’s complaint promptly, no later than within 14 calendar days from the date of its submission. Lack of the Seller’s attitude in the above-mentioned period means that the Seller considered the complaint justified.
  • The Seller shall inform the person lodging the complaint via e-mail about the method of handling the complaint.
  1. Privacy policy and cookies:
  • The Seller is the administrator of the Buyer’s personal data.
  • Details related to the processing of personal data and the use of cookies are described in the privacy policy available at https://school-of-anatomy.com/privacy-policy/
  1. Electronic Services provided via the Online Store:
  • The following Electronic Services are available in the Online Store: User Account and Newsletter.
  • User account – using the Account is possible after carrying out the steps described in chapter 3. of these regulations.
  • The Newsletter enables the Customer to receive information and marketing content about the Seller’s activities. In order to use the service, it is necessary to enter your email address and name in the appropriate form on the Online Store website.
  • The Service Provider is not responsible for improper operation of the system, lying on the side of the Service Recipient, in particular for failures of the Service User’s equipment or lack of access by the Customer to the Internet or its improper operation.
  • The Service Provider reserves the right to temporarily suspend the operation of the Online Store as a result of ongoing modernization and maintenance works on the Website or as a result of failures of the servers hosting the Website.
  • The Service User is obliged to use the Online Store in a manner consistent with the law and morality with respect for the personal rights and copyrights and intellectual property of the Service Provider and third parties. The recipient is obliged to enter data consistent with the actual state. The recipient is prohibited from providing unlawful content.
  • The user account is assigned to only one Buyer and only he has the right to use the Platform through this account.
  • In the case that the Service Provider detects the use of non-customers from the accounts of the Buyer, the Service Provider reserves the right to delete the account and withdraw from the Sales Agreement before its expiration date.
  • The Client may, in matters related to the operation of the Platform, submit his comments to the address maciekhaberka@gmail.com
  1. Out-of-court redress:
  • The customer has the opportunity to use extrajudicial ways to deal with complaints and redress. Among other things, the customer has the option of:
    • appeal to a permanent amicable consumer court with a request to settle a dispute arising from the concluded Sales Agreement,
    • use the help of poviat (municipal) consumer rights advocate or social organization, whose statutory tasks include consumer protection.
  • More detailed information on extrajudicial ways of dealing with complaints and redress, the customer can search on the website http://www.uokik.gov.pl
  • The customer can also use the ODR platform, which is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. It serves the purpose of settling disputes between consumers and entrepreneurs striving for out-of-court settlement of a dispute regarding contractual obligations arising from an online sales contract or a contract for the provision of services.
  1. Final Provisions:
  • The Terms and Conditions are valid from the date of publication on the Online Store website.
  • The Seller reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions, by placing an announcement on the Store’s website and sending e-mail information to registered users of the Store.
  • Amendments to the Terms and Conditions do not affect agreements concluded before the day of the announcement of the Terms and Conditions
  • In matters not covered by the provisions of the contract and regulations, the following provisions apply in particular:
    • Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Dz.U.2002.144.1204 as amended),
    • the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014 item 827 as amended)
    • of the Act of 23 April 1964 Civil Code (Dz.U.1964.16.93 with amendments)

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